Purilia Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service

Modern affluent women and men know that time is their most precious resource. When you’re always connected and on the go, your time is the one thing you can never get back.

 To help you save time and get privileged access to private events that money can’t buy, a luxury concierge is your perfect companion. It’s your secret weapon to unlock a world of exclusive experiences and exclusive events.

At Purilia, we’re privileged to manage our clients’ most precious commodity — their time.
Simplify your busy life with the advantages of on-site personal concierge services.

*Abu Dhabi *Bangkok *Beirute *Berlim *Cairo *Doha *Dubai *Istanbul *Lisbon *London *Madrid *Marrakech *Milan *Monte-Carlo *Moscow *New-York *Paris *Riyadh *São Paulo *St Petersburg *Tel Aviv *Tokyo

Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

 +351 91 551 05 32 |Whatsapp|


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