Daniel Murtagh, Photographer

“My work has been described as victorian noir. For me it is a form of alchemy and poetry.” Daniel Murtagh’s work

explores the notion of presence, the experience of a person not merely seen but also felt. The influences of both film and painting combine to create a feeling of time suspended.

He has been a portrait photographer since 1995. Upon graduation from Pratt Institute he moved to New Mexico and later to San Francisco, where he spent six years defining a style of work that continues to evolve. In 2000 he returned to New York. He has shot for magazines such as Soma, San Francisco, Health, Splash, and Hippocrates; his work has also appeared in Men’s Health, Elle, Shots, and American Photographer, as well as on over 30 book covers. Photo Icon magazine’s first issue ran a feature story about his work (here). He has made six short films, one of which, “The Last Judgement,” will show at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, in late 2009. Daniel’s music compositions, including selections from his score for the film “Virginiana,” can be heard on his MySpace music page (here). He is working on his first book of photographs, “Mirror.”

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