Purilia Events for 2023 Comporta and Lisbon already confirmed. Portugal

Purilia Events for 2023 already confirmed. Lisbon and Comporta, Portugal 

.27 January 2023 Lisbon *Private Room

.14 February 2023 Lisbon *Special Edition Valentine’s Day

.25 March 2023 Lisbon *Eyes Wide Shut

.24 June 2023 Comporta |Summer Special Edition|

+351 91551 0532 |WhatsApp|

Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People

Eva Lee


Purilia Privée
Crowning the Purilia iconic proposition is Personal Service, a 24/7 Conciergerie tailored to those who yearn for their own private bespoke services.” 
Whatever you Wish or Need, Anytime, Anywhere. Can You Imagine it? Your Membership Secures It
The Purilia partners with the most premium brands to give members direct access to the finest services and experiences. 
Golf, Paddle, Tennis, Horse Riding and Polo Clubs. Vehicle and Yacht Rental. Chauffeured Cars. Reservations Management: hotels, restaurants, Beach Clubs, Night Clubs. Tailor-made trips and excursions. Tailor-made Shoes and Tailoring. Fashion Designer. Boutiques: Jewellery, Watches, Fashion, Gifts. Personal Shopper and Image consulting. Catering Services and Private Cooks. Private DJs. Private Security. Photography and Video. Nannies. Angel Models or Influencers for Travel Companions. Angel Models or Influencers for Social or Private Events, Vacations, Business Trips, Weekends.
Purilia Connecting The World’s Most Interesting People


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