Exclusive Set *Purilia Music Invites Kelson DJ

Kelson, DJ|New Set in Purilia Sound Cloud|Kelson, born in Angola and residing in Portugal/Lisboa, is an experient Dj and a rising producer. Starting in 2000 as amateur Dj, to be a resident Dj in the best bars and clubs of Portugal in 2007. Growing up in a capital city such as Lisboa he had the chance to absorve all the european and american music, but also living in an african house he had a strong connection to his own roots. His hunger of music was not stoping, he wants to gain deeper knowledge about producing the music he was playing. So in 2014 he got in one of the best electronic music schools of Portugal “Etic” and after one year (2015) he finished the studies. Until now it has been a wonderful journey to seek and let go all his emotions and thoughts through the music

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