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Mariana de Carvalho A.K.A. MCDJ, started her carreer back in 2006 and along the years she developed a great capacity to read any type of crownd in order to amaze everyone at the dancefloor. With a varied musical taste she goes trough house, tribal house, progressive, circuit house, commercial or pop remixes.

MCDJ guarantees technique, sound quality and a lot of fun in any kind of event or night club.

Since 2016 MCDJ is once a month at Zoom Club Oporto City and this year she was the winner of the yearly and worldwide DJ Contest from the renowed Matinée Group – Spain.

April of 2017, MCDJ was invited and joined Trumps’s Club Team, being the first female resident DJ ever, in 38 years of club history. At Trumps she shares the booth with the biggest names in the international Djing Industry.

MADO MADRID ORGULLO 19 (Madrid, Spain) MAGICAL PRIDE 19 (Disneyland Paris, France) L’OMEGA (Nice, France)MILKSHAKE FESTIVAL (Amsterdam, Netherlands) MUCCASSASSINA (Rome, Italy)

LA LECHE FESTIVAL (Barcelona, Spain) GIRLIE CIRCUIT FESTIVAL (Barcelona, Spain) WE PARTY (Lisbon, Portugal)FAIRYTAILS (Luxembourg)LENOX CLUB (Luxembourg)CASINO ESTORIL (Lisbon, Portugal)

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